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Tong Xin Mixed Platter

Pelong Pork Spare Ribs, Satay Chicken Skewers,Sesame Prawn Toast, V’egerag/e Spring Rails, mock Seaweed

£8.80 per person

Tong Xin Dim Sum Platter

King Prawn Dumpling, Prawn Dumplings with Chives, Chicken Dump1ings, Vegefab/e Fun Gor Dumpling


Prawn Crackers


Mock Seaweed


Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings


Dumplings in Spicy Red Oil


Japanese Style Mixed Vegetables


Tong Xin Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumplings (6)


Golden Garlic Ribs

Spicy Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs

Spicy Salt & Pepper Squid




Sesame Prawn Toast.


Spicy Salt & Pepper Tofu


Peking Pork Spare Ribs


Smoked Shredded Chicken


Wong Fei Chicken Wings


Typhoon Shelter Soft Shell Crab


Satay Chicken Skewers


Golden Nango Crispy Prawn Balls


Crispy Tofu with Cashewnuts


Spicy Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab.

Spicy Red Chilli Oil 'Won Tun'

Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings




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